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About Us

About Us

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What we out to achieve

The menace of unemployment that has plagued our nation is overwhelming, and oftentimes we have overpaid for terrible jobs done by the people we know such as offices, friends and family, and sometimes we got blamed for it. The country is awash with millions of talented and qualified individuals roaming the street chasing few available jobs in the market. Skillforce platform has identified and simplified hiring of such talents using automation to process, conduct, verify and crosscheck references, certifications/educational background, document claims and drug related screening to ensure our users (buyers) have a hitch-free delivery service. By going through these rigorous screening, talents who are referred to as freelancers or pro on this platform have agreed to be professional, ethical and honor commitment as spelt out by the terms and agreement governing the platform. We have assembled professionals who ensure compliance and adherence to the rules of engagement.


  • To get all Nigerians working again.
  • To connect both businesses and great talents together
  • To ensure a hitch-free delivery service
  • To ensure quality of service transparent to everyone
  • To promote entrepreneurship among pros
  • To help organizations reduce logistics of hiring and labor distribution
  • To put both buyers and freelancers first