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This platform provides you the opportunity to be hired for a short or long term jobs as a professional in your chosen field. We are so proud that you able to join us despite the rigours of verification and authentication processes involved. You are now opened to opportunities from our numerous buyers and subscribers who will be requesting for your professional services from time to time. You are our ambassadors, as an ambassador, we hold you in high regards in maintaining the integrity of the platform by building professional relationship with our valued users on the platform. Your work activities are transparent to the buyers (owners of the job) from start-to-finish. The core of our strategy is to ensuring you get the best support when needed, protection, safety and mutual respect in the work market.

We pride ourselves of high level professionalism towards our employers and businesses, we seriously frowned at pros cutting corners or doing illicit under the table deals with our employers, apart from delisting/removing such individuals from the platform immediately, we will also take necessary disciplinary actions in case of serious infringement and liability.

What We Offer

Your Profile

As a freelance-professional, ensure you completely build your profile on the platform (upload certificates, references, social media etc; with that buyers and customers will be able to find you and assign works using those area of strength in your profile.


Ensure you present documents that can easily be verified including your references, certificates, identification and so on, this will enable us quickly process your membership on the platform and quickly direct and recommend works for you.

Be Professional

Engage like a Pro, be professional from the beginning to the end, communicate using automated tools found on the platform, uploading completed documents and images of job status and follow the instuctions on the note section by the owner (buyer) for quick payment. Do not engage in activities that can bring regrets and could tarnish your image or the platform


We support you all the way to ensuring success in all you do here on the platform. We resolve conflict within the scope of operation and ensure prompt payment as at when due. The platform charges a 10% only on completed workorders. Money is remitted directly to the account you submitted in your profile.